Jennifer Jones-Mitchell
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About me:


Creativity has always been the driving force of my life. Originally drawn to story-telling, I've led a successful career in public relations for more than twenty years. During that time, I also pursued my dreams of film making and co-wrote and produced an animated feature film. But, by 2010, it was painting that captured my imagination. Originally, I began painting a means to unplug from my always-connected, digital life. But, soon, the need to paint grew stronger and I haven't stopped since.

A self-taught abstract artist, I experiment with drip, scrape and multiple layered techniques to create depth in my paintings that evoke a mix of memory and dream. My aim is to infuse mood and movement in every piece and I work to create rich layers that pull the viewer into the experience.


I often paint to music, allowing myself to be guided by rhythms and emotion of the songs and I sometimes credit the musical artist or genre that influenced a particular piece on the backs of canvases. 

I currently reside in Decatur, GA with my husband, music composer and professor, Dr. David Mitchell. You can learn more about her at Jennifer Jones Mitchell